4/23/11 @ Citi Field

This is my second game of the season.  I would be attending this game with my cousin and it was her first baseball game. 

The weather for the game sucked.  I knew there was a zero chance for BP, as it was supposed to rain until game time.  And that really ticked me off because I paid extra to go to today’s game because the season tickets that I bought allowed me to get in a half hour earlier than anyone with regular tix. 

When we left at 9 am, it was pouring.  I was driving to the game for the first time without my dad.  Shortly after leaving, I got lost.  It took me about 15 minutes to get back on track.  And when we finally did, it started raining harder.  I called my dad and asked him if he thought the game would be cancelled.  He said yes and I agreed.  We decided to head home, thinking that we would just go to the make up game. 

 Well, 10 minutes after we arrived at home, the rain stopped.  When I checked the weather report, it said that it was supposed to stop raining by 11, with the game slated to start at 1.  We then decided to go back towards Citi.  We arrived just before 11, but we were able to get in immediately without waiting because of the season tix I bought. 


IMG00002-20110423-1121.jpgNothing was going on for the first half hour.  It was raining lightly, yet steadily.  I knew as soon as it stopped, players would come out to warm up.  Sure enough, they did.  Ryonta Igarashi was the first out, and he played catch with 2 other Mets, neither whom I know.  Long story short, when he was finished, he threw me his ball for my first of the day. 

He then went to run sprints.  By the time he was almost done, Igarashi was the only player on the field.  My cousin really wanted a ball.  There was a ball sitting alone in the middle of CF.  I told her to call out “Ryota” and point to the ball.  She did, and Igarashi laughed.  When he was done, I told her to call out his name again.  She did, and he retreived the ball and threw it to her.  She was thrilled. 

After that, we went to the Diamondbacks dugout, hoping to get a tossup.  Nothing.  Whatever.

Due to the large amount of rain in the previous 12 hours, there was a very low attendance.  We sat in the front 5 rows of section 125 for the whole game. 


IMG00006-20110423-1605.jpgThe game was delayed an hour and a half due to rain.  But, at around 2 it stopped and at 2:30, the game started.  I had planned to leave by 5 at the latest, as I had to be somewhere.  I didn’t think that we would be able to stay the whole game.  But the last 3 innings went pretty quickly, and the game ended at 5:15.  K-Rod recorded the save after allowing runners to reach second and third with only one out.  It aggrivated me a little because it took him 15-20 minutes to finish out the top of the ninth.



IMG00005-20110423-1345.jpgAs soon as the third out was recorded, we rushed down to the first and second rows next to the umpire tunnel.  We had no competition, and Umpire Todd Tichnor had no choice but to hand my cousin and I both a nice, rubbed up baseball.

I finished with 2 balls without BP.  Could have been better, could have been worse.

Game Stats:

2 Balls

Attendance: 25,581

Season Stats:

4 Balls

2 Games

2.00 BPG

Career Stats:

30 Balls

16 Games

1.875 BPG


The ball on the right is the rubbed up umpire baseball.  It almost looks like a Gold HR Derby baseball used with 9 outs (use your imagination a little).



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